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into the bay from these barges in the water. rob fladeboe takes us at this reservoir why he cannot hold another crop. >>reporter: this is what happens when was of wires, cannot hold another-water drop. and one water or reservoirs, get killed. hence, spill away. but you are looking at, is one the get-filled. a concrete viaduct that diverts water around into this creek below. it is doing exactly what is going designed to do, this section of the santa cruz mountains received 4.72 in. of rain fall cents friday. more than enough to take this reservoir from capacity and then some. this provides drinking water to the community of gilroy and also farmers, ranchers and a southern except santa clara county. most of this will go into the water table into the ground and others could find its way into the river and monterey bay. officials said the this reservoir, near gilroy will continue to spill over for at least another one week. in the mountains near gilroy, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >>pam: major problems at yosemite national park. all roads and have been closed. that snowfall was causing mud slides, t
managed to stabilize the road for now and residence who normally used woodbridge road have to find alternate routes. capitola is cleaning up a sea of mud. the village, near santa cruz has been hit by two different floods in three days of the north with these torrential rains and rob fladeboe shows us the damage and the cleanup efforts in right now. >>reporter: what you can see is going on all over town in capital look with a regional a virtual-hosing down with mud-everywhere. this sustaining blood ironically, is to get rid of it with water. that high- pressure washer street sweepers have been going 24- 75 saturday and a small worarmy of public works are showing this one shovel at a time. the sidewalk is littered with carpeting, flooring and even basements. the water is even finding its way into businesses, businesses, and on it and anything on the floor suffered water damage. and dumpsters full of debris lined the streets full of debris. sandbags are in doorways that too little, too late. amazingly, some shops are already open and others still lead some work to do. in capitola, rup
continuing to hamper search efforts. -very little food. emergency workers are using firetrucks, military helicopter to try to cool down the over heating fuel rods. because of the high radiation, the cannot get close enough to make an impact. they cannot get close enough. the first flight of u.s. citizens left japan. in the u.s. citizens that have chosen to stay are requested to leave the area within 50 mi. are around that. >> we have driven this out, 1, 2, 3, 4, all four reactors. we will show you where these possible toxic levels are going. the first thing to keep in mind is that to keep this to the bay area. this has to be very high up. this gold aero will give you an idea. this is representing 1 mi. tall minimum. of those particles would need to be before they could make it and even make it perhaps three times that to make a meaningful impact. as we look through the 20 mi. no plighfly zone. and it is even recommended of a 50 mi. zone recommended by americans. this wind pattern has bencarrying this to the jets stream and it went through the alaskan islands. as we remind you that on thu
blum is here with us now with a look at the concerns. >>jonathan: we've been getting used to looking at this map, there's a new ring on the map, it indicates the zones and which american authorities think it's not safe to be any more. you could see the power plant located in the fukushima plant. this gold ring here, that's the voluntary evacuations on the japanese authorities have implemented. there's a small arizona in this that is the mandatory evacuation if we could back out you could see this ring that's 50 mi. in radius and that is the evacuation zone that american authorities are recommending. if you're that's on your getting radiation levels, if you're exposed to for three years would cause to get cancer. they're recommending american citizens stay out of that area. here's the city of sendai, the evacuation zone is getting dangerously close. that is where they have the command center set up for all of the national and independent agencies that are courting evacuations. if we going closer you could see once again the familiar layout of the power plant here. there are six reacto
and were scattered showers will stick with us until about 7:00 a.m.. then we will see heavy rain pickup. heavy rain in the morning, gusty winds in the morning and wins a strong as 45 mi. per hour. into the afternoon and night hours, scattered thunderstorms expected. it will time that out and look at your extended forecast to see if we might get a break from all of this rain coming up. >>pam: storm clean up is going well beyond branches and lambs. crews are working the hills of the east bay and south bay as off the slopes are having rockslide problems. kron 4 has team coverage of the clean up areas. >>rob: the slide that came down monday afternoon is not stable county public works and geologists have been out here trying to inspect and that the slide. they say it is not stable enough particularly at the top. still be carving in the road from the slide especially widening out the footpath where is he more than 60 residents have been stuck on the other side of the slide. they've been using that footpath year to pass groceries here. that is where the public works we'll build a new road goin
. this is what's left of the building that used to stand. now just a pile of wood and metal. we will show you the force here with the wind you could see opening up this building made of corrugated metal like that to can't. we spoke to one of the neighbors who witnessed the tornado come through the neighborhood. >> it got dark, the rain started coming down really hard. we look out the window and that's when that's not. that's when we ran out the door. i ran outside and i could see the debris fell down. first thing we thought was a tornado. this is kansas city. it's pretty crazy. the tv one of, it came right back on. it happened so quick. it got dark and then after it was all done it was quiet. >>kate: the scary thing about what you see here with this trouble is that there were people in the building one their tornado hit. luckily all of them got out. there were no injuries and many of those workers ended up calling friends in the neighborhood to help clean up all of this mess. reporting live in santa rosa, kron 4 news. >>pam: team coverage continues with kron 4 rob along highway 17 in the sant
over san francisco source system. to do with odor complaint the city uses several measures including bleach. in fact, the city is going to vote on the $15 million and some of our medalists think that plea could be dangerous. teresa estacio reports. >> here, along the scenic embarcadero getting aware of a smelly sewer system is not what city officials want to put people remember about the city by the bay. however, it is happened and complaints are on the rise and so were the costs. in fact, 420 people complaint in 2010 up from 350 and two of his own mind. and in response, the city has put these ventilation with charcoal and deodorizers on terminals like this one. they also added a chemical cocktail with bleach to try to neutralize. with $1.5 million to combat the system in 2010. now, they're looking at more costs. the board of supervisors will look of a $14 million contract to fortunepurchase more bleach. and with only 20 percent will be used, or to one to $80,000 over the next three years after the rest is for treating the city's streets to water. in addition, that the pleached treat
that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ >>pam: hit-and-run? >>catherine: disturbing. a very busy street. this woman on this crosswalk. a chevy tahoe runs right in to work. that woman and a boyfriend is running to try to help her. a closer look and what happened. 33 year-old salina chrisitan, just entering that cross all. it seems to think about it entering that crosswalk and the kept going. people in the restaurant are reacting. shocked. witnesses were running to try to help her. she says she does not believe it happened. and her boyfriend again said he was there and watched it happen and was also in shock. >> i looked up and i saw the issue was about to get ahead and it was instant. >> and i asked him what happened? and he said that " you were hit by a car. >> and then i felt lucky as if there was a guardian angel looking out for me. th
storage pond. the storage pond is an area used to keep nuclear fuel cool. it is causing nuclear refuse to be released into the air. you can see the reactors are indicated here on our map. growing concerns about radiation have people fleeing the area. joining me on the fault is doctored to with the department of nuclear engineering at uc- berkeley. thank you for joining us, what you make of these continuing explosions and fires. it seems as though things are getting worse. >>caller: yes i think it is. >>pam: you agree that officials in japan did not have control the situation? >>caller: i believe they are still having control over the situation, but the tide is limited. >>pam: g feel a meltdown as possible now? >>caller: the meltdown possibility would be small. the reactors are being cool down right now. >>pam: you think things will take a turn for the better, they are getting a handle on things? >>caller: still we don't know, were not sure. this situation is still ongoing, they did not have contained as of yet. that part would be a concern. >>pam: there is great public concern in the u
her he was using steroids. at the federal courthouse in san francisco, dan curman kron 4 news. >>pam: earlier former baseball player randy testified that he met on a trainer greg anderson back in 2001. he testified he bought human growth hormone from anderson and said it gave him more insurance and strength. he also said anderson injected him on various occasions. under cross-examination, he said he never got the clear or the cream. prosecutors have called a variety of baseball players to suggest they knew what anderson was giving them even though bonds maintains he did not know. our coverage of the barry bonds perjury trial will continue with expert analysis for attorney michael cardozo of what today's testimony means for the case. that's coming up later in the newscast. other news around the bay, a house boat was destroyed by fire in alameda. the blaze erupted before noon. firefighters say it took about 15 minutes to get under control. no injuries or no other boats affected. president oracle, is planning another visit to the bay area. he is expected to be here on april the 20th for
be given to us immediately. >> reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: christine conley continues our team coverage tonight with a look at the dozens of cases which were dismissed in court today. >>christine: take a look at this long list of names, many defendants had their cases dropped inside this courtroom. a total of 42 cases were dismissed here and inside other courtrooms throughout the day. none of the defendants' actions showed up in court today, in fact many are already in custody and release from jail given a letter what happened. the san francisco public defender says the cases range from felonies to misdemeanors. >> of the cases that are cancel today are everything from theft, drug cases, a robbery case as an old grave cases it's not limited to just drug cases. the d.a. is making the right call, there is no way that a case can go to the corps one you have these kind of questions about the officers' credibility. >>jacqueline: the public defender said this could be the tip of the iceberg he expects more cases will be dropped inside courtrooms like this. >> i do expect our investig
was in san francisco. reggie joins us live to tell us what the governor had to say about the budget and his reaction to the recent protests. >>reggie: the governor just left the bank of america building about an hour ago. he met with northern california business leaders known as bay area council for their endorsement of his budget proposal to close california's budget gap. the ceo of the council says even though the support governor brown's budget plan, they're still lot they don't like. first we hear from when demand and governor brown. >> to be clear we all like every plan in the proposal, our members don't believe that higher taxes. on balance, we need to be part of the solution. we ought to be part of the solution has business leaders. >> on supporting a three. planet realigning government, funding at the local level close to the people. cut drastically in many cases our budget which does not have enough revenue and extend the taxes for five years. were also looking at pension reform. >>reggie: governor brown has given them on march 10th deadline. if lawmakers agree to a special electio
tells us. the latest or marin county. >>dan: these students may have fewer teachers in crowded classrooms come next year. this ever fell school board is the latest to approve flat notices before the march 15th deadline >> is really demoralizing to provide an issue that some people feel like their services are needed or wanted when really what would like to say as we watch your back and we need you. >>dan: stammer file will send out 32 notices mostly to teachers. it's a worse case scenario. when other school districts are following through with. if the nevada school board for example, is now considering sending out 24 layoff notices. school districts are sing again, these layoffs don't have to happen if the governor's tax extensions past. for that to happen, they must first get on the ballot to and we should know within a couple weeks if the legislature agrees to do that. in san or fall, dan curman kron 4 news. >>pam: in san francisco decision is supposed to come down tonight jonathan blum is live this evening awaiting the decision. >>jonathan: just a few minutes, the school boa
the coast. near sendai the u.s. geological survey operative this to 9.0 fourth largest earthquake since 1900. christine connolly shows us some of this new video coming in from this devastation. >> this is video from the coast as this tsunami moves in with the waves so big a swallow of these boats. this is from a coastal town where people are running for higher ground it only takes a few seconds for the quick moving water to take over this area. here, the roof of a home. other homes behind it a flying through the water. in another piece of the video from a cellphone. watch as the water quickly moves towards them. one minute later, this house is rushing towards where they are standing. the our people that are screaming. there are people that are screaming-desk in the aftermath, take a look at this man, standing on top of his truck waiting for somebody to rescue him. people standing on top of what ever they could with nothing but a sea of water around them. christine connolly. >> oh my gosh! look! >> holy crap. welow, wow, oh my gosh! >> he is in english teacher in japan. during this earthquake
they entered the bar those inside were armed and ready for fire. jonathan blum is here with us to bring down the video. >>jonathan: the video shows what happened. you could see the got it and then a man chasing, the borrower toward the edge of the frame. the guy chasing him up has a dynamo is wearing what appears to be a military style ballistic vest. as the comeback over here there's a lot engaged in hand-to-hand combat. you could see their fighting together and grabbing at each other all the way over here behind the speaker and eventually at the door. the next camera you could seek to get away video, or the car coming out and read over here these men to come out the door, they're still struggling. one of them forces the other on to the ground. the guy in the ground is the odor of the bar. there are gunshots being fired, the owner survive those gunshots and now you see what the suspects. he runs over here, gets into the passenger side of the card before the doors closed at the car drives off. this car apparently was seen ditched a few blocks away. the man who jumped into the p
to roughly two dozen homes. about 16 residents are now using a footpath to hiking in and out of the area. it a share after part is using all terrain for wheeler's to help residents gain access. >> i came here after the initial small slide, and then caltrans people showed up and we could all tell it was not done and it was going to be big. so i just waited around until it happened. it rained it endlessly to and there was hell. why >>pam: all all of that was happening, her jacki whipped out her smartphones and caught part of the slide on and her phone and posted on youtube. >>kimberlee: is youtube video shows a slide happening in real time. take a look at this free to live for residents. >> all man, oh man! oh my god! >>kimberlee: as he could see the them started to fall, first very slowly than faster with poultry's discretion into the road. the people taking this line eventually had to run away because of falling mallon came very close to them. as you heard earlier that you did what section of nelson rd. now wonder about the of roads and downed trees and mind. >>pam: the road is closed on
of february. she said under meet this target used to be a sloping hillside is now lumpy and cracked and spots. it the city engineers said the slide is an affecting their homes, but the homeowners said the soil is drenched year after all the rain which is why they put the tar out, it's also why they're running this type to divert water to a drainage ditch. the neighbors below say they're worried because this mound of earth to see right here continues to creep closer to the fence line. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>kate: the concern about the landslide here in san paulo is spreading. the landslide, you can see the worst of it in his backyard is really affecting more properties. a lot of the neighbors here concerned about their homes. the sell side is obviously crumbling behind several homes but will the situation get worse? if i bend down i can show you just how wide to an easy it is for this to pick away. he can see how saturated the land as terry had neighbors are really concerned about what this will do for them in their houses. >> it's a neighborhood problem because one property value sinks,
and pocketbooks of average americans. we are monitoring closely. we remain confident that the global us the economy has the capacity to deal with major disruptions. we are obviously discussing having conversations with international's as well as all oil-producing states about options related to that capacity. >>catherine: you should do a translation of what that meant? >>rob: we've been through before, we will be shocked if it's a hundred 20. the market needs is selling off. because we had a hot year, a hot two years on the market. the more use oil as an excuse to sell off a bit i would use it as a buying opportunity. watch on fedex, ups was then a lot of money on oil. there are areas where you can get more defensive, buy more oil stocks. good axe on mobil and chevron who will benefit from the higher price per barrel. it will be a band that plays out by the end of spring. >>catherine: were olmsted of time, no unemployment numbers coming what are you thinking. >>rob: tomorrow we get first-time claims for unemployment those will be things that drive the market in the next few days. >>cath
ago. we have our reporter on the scene. kate is there a tonight to give us a close- up look. >>kate: of lot of tough times here. residents getting back from a meeting with the city about all of this damage. these homeowners went to the meeting. they learned that the city will send structural engineers and soil engineers out here tomorrow, to reassess the property. it's not just this home. if this home suffered some of the worst, but it's also the house next door to this one which has suffered some terrible damage. we could show you video, when i visited that home earlier today, she has lived in this home in san paulo for decades. her retaining wall has completely swept down this hill, there are cracks in the earth and the mud in her yard. some offer trees have started to slide downhill and also her deck might be compromised. parts of for deck in the foundation have started to also move. she's very concerned about her home. she has lived here most of her life. the main concern, who is going to pay for all of this? >> to see a crevice, the crater in your backyard? your trees looking l
of people in there today. >> i think so, were proud at our radio station to use any kind of a situation where there is a power outage, earthquake, flood any kind of an unusual situation switcher programming and do what we call emergency mode where we open it up to the colors. we become an emergency communication link. after the 1989 earthquake think we were the only radio station that was on the air for several hours after the earthquake. >> thank you michael for joining us. santa cruz remains a local state of emergency they said they will talk with congressman to get disaster declaration done here and federal money on board. right now the situation still uncertain here at the santa cruz yacht harbor the start pulling boats as soon as tomorrow morning. >>pam: our team coverage continues with kron 4 jeff bush to show more of the damage and problems created by the tsunami in santa cruz. >>jeff: it is been a crazy day and santa cruz. things seem to have calmed down but the biggest problem right now is still stuff floating in the harbor. there are two tires, those used to be part of a docks
and let us park and for whatever also want. the governor's office says that this is been going on for several years. the governor is like a compromise if they come up with something that is manageable. >>pam: meetings up and down the state what's next? >> he will continue, and perhaps delayed a little bit but he still wants to get that budget ready on march. the secretary can put those on the ballot. otherwise, the governor says that he was going to oppose the budget and saw the budget which would for the dollar cuts. >>pam: the pain at the gasoline pump. president obama is considering into tap into the national petroleum after a dramatic increase at the pump. national, it is from $3.10 to now, $3.50. in california, even an additional 405. it is the second largest spite in history. here is the up, the largest spike in the last seven years. the peak after hurricane katrina. both oil rigs were calleand knocked out in the gulf and aid oral refinery in texas shelby? >> or a mac refinery-- >> with libyan troubles on going, and 13 st. the increases. the record high, consumers are won
down on top of this car. it did a lot of damage. our kron 4 of your sent us these pictures. that tree has been removed. highway no. 1 in pacifica has been opened. earlier, it was closed for three hours south of manor drive m 11:00 a.m. a downed power line. maureen kelly was also along highway no. 1 in marin county. >> highway no. one between mill valley and take a look you can see how a portion of this roadway is falling away. the recent heavy rainfall is take a look. you can see this huge crack that form. let me zoom down and it is about 3 ft. crevice to the bottom. you can see on the left side of the earth is pulling away and sinking! caltran has orange cones to warn drivers. they say they're going to of working crews out here on friday to take soil samples. they can get to work on designing a permanent fix. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room wreaking havoc with an ace train a spokesperson telling kron 4 that no trains are being let out of san jose. due to the debris, butmoud the four, the six, and the train the no. 8 are being impacted. bus service i
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